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Sutton Municipality
Pierre Pelland, Mayor of Sutton

  • Sutton is one of twenty municipalities in the Municipalité régional de compté (MRC) of Brome-Missisquoi. Located in the southern part of Quebec, in the Monteregie region, about 100 kilometres south east of Montreal, Sutton has a permanent population of 3524 residents.
  • Sutton has an area of 243,5 km2 making it one of the largest in the M.R.C. (16.5%) It includes North Sutton, Sutton Junction, Mont-Echo, West Sutton, the Village of Sutton, Mont Sutton and Glen Sutton near the American border.
  • Sutton and its surroundings continue to develop as a countryside destination of choice, one that is more and more sought out by those in the know. Ecotourism, without doubt the bedrock of our economy, is increasingly what gives Sutton its special flavour and appeal. As Suttonites we put great emphasis on the preservation and protection of our agricultural character, our environment and our landscape. All are treasured by us and essential to the quality of life we desire for ourselves and for our children and also wish to share with you - the visitor.
Sutton Municipality : 11, rue Principale Sud, Sutton (QC) J0E 2K0


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Sutton, Québec. Guide touristique