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Au Diable Vert
100% all natural highland beef and veal Specialities : 100% Natural Highland Beef
169, Staines, Glen Sutton DIRECTIONS Telephone :450 538-5639
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Highland cows – Highland cattle are an ancient breed, originating in the highlands and western isles of Scotland. Living there unchanged for centuries under rugged conditions and severe climate, the highland cow developed a thick, shaggy double coat, not back fat, to survive. Unlike many modern, commercial breeds, Highlands have not lost the ability to thrive on grass alone. We sell our organic Highland meat directly from the farm. Available in small and large quantities.Scottish Highlands are slow maturing making the meat fine textured and succulent. They have a thick double hair coat which reduces the need for a layer of fat to stay warm. The meat is well marbled but very lean and is processed under Quebec government inspection. They are grass fed and grass finished NO artificial additives, hormones, or antibiotics. These Scottish Highland steers are lower in fat, cholesterol and higher in protein than any store bought beef so they are much healthier for you. Frozen and vacuum packed for best storage and dry aged 18 days for a more tender and favorable taste.




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Sutton, Québec. Guide touristique