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Anik Kelly
Anik Kelly massage sutton Studio: 18, Highland,  Sutton J0E 2K0 DIRECTIONS
: 450 538-0187 or 450 577-0166
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Home or Lodging visits: Yes
Services: Swedish, Aromatherapy and Kinesitherapy.
Description: A strong yet gentle touch; in action through listening and simply being. Her massages are coloured by deep relaxation while releasing tensions in articulations and muscles pains. Her medicinal oils underlines the therapeutics of the massage. She aims at equilibrium and autonomy for every individual in their healing process.

Masso-therapie Sutton



Insurance receipts: Yes

Appointments: By reservation. Thursday to Monday prefered 10am, 2pm or 4:30pm. Possibility of 2 massages at the same.


1 800 565-8455
(450) 538-8455
Sutton, Québec. Guide touristique