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David James
David James Sutton
David James is a sculptor who works in glass and stone. His sculptures have been designated as cultural objects of national importance by the federal ministry, Heritage Canada.  His cast glass works are exhibited in the US, England and Canada and are in the permanent collections of the Musée des beaux-arts, Montreal and the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario.  His creations in stone are monumental and destined for vantage points in the outdoors.
Workshop & Gallery : At David's home 1801 Alderbrooke, please call in advance Tel : 450 538-6665 e-mail David James
To see more of David's work : visit the David James web site
James is recognised for how he shows off the nature of the materials he chooses, whether it be black granite, stainless steel or crystal. He lets them express themselves rather than submerge their nature within a form. Frequently you see where James has explored their properties, juxtaposing smooth and rugged surfaces. “When I’m creating my works, above all else at the beginning I concentrate on form” says James. “Then I’ll integrate the materials to create light, colour and texture to create a dynamic unity.”
David James Sutton
David James Sutton
Heaven and Earth
David James Sutton David James Sutton





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