Sutton Shopping

    Alpagas Sutton ALpacas - 3

    (450) 538-1538

    1474 ch. Macey, Sutton, QC

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    It will take only one visit to be completely charmed by our alpacas and by the wonderful site where we raise them! Discover this fascinating animal as well as the undeniable softness and comfort of their extraordinary fiber thanks to the wide selection of alpaca products available in our on-site boutique.

    450 538-0728

    3 Principale Nord, Sutton, QC

    Atelier Bouffe

    (450) 538-2766

    14 Principale Sud, Sutton, QC

    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat: 10am-6pm |Sun: 10am-5pm

    A boutique full of lovely things for kitchen and home coupled with a high class grocery store: selected oils, quality vinegars, unusual salts, peppers, teas and other fine items.

    Boni Soir

    (450) 538-2337

    7 Principale S, Sutton, QC

    Daily 7am-11pm

    A nice and very accessible convenient store!


    (450) 538-1313

    20, Principale Nord, Sutton QC

    Wed-Fri: 10am-5pm |Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm, CLOSED Mon & Tues

    Outdoor gear and services: road or mountain bicycles & accessories, adults Youth & kids. Joël Jobin, an experienced mechanic, will be there personally to welcome you.

    450 538-0177

    598 Maple, Sutton, QC

    450 538-0292

    22 Principale Nord, Sutton, QC

    450 538-0027

    28 Principale Sud, Sutton, QC