Dance, Fitness & Martial Arts

    Shoilin Zen Martial Center (7)

    (450) 538-0725

    52 Principale sud, Sutton, QC

    For all ages and level. One week of FREE classes! Summer Shaolin Gong fu program for kids 4 years and older! Services: Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Taiji and… Lire la Suite

    Sport sutton

    (450) 538-0313

    50 Principale Nord, Sutton, QC

    Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm l Sat-Sun: 9am-noon

    Novice or seasoned athletes of all ages find a full range of aerobic, toning and strengthening exercise equipment at Sports Sutton

    The Sunshine Center (3)

    (450) 538-1111

    58 Principale St N, Sutton, QC

    Depending on activities

    The Sunshine Center is located in the village of Sutton and offers a place for alternative therapists to practiced their healing arts.