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450 538-6286

35 Principale Sud, Sutton, QC

450 538-2538

2 Church, Sutton, QC

Alpagas Sutton ALpacas - 3

(450) 538-1538

1474 ch. Macey, Sutton, QC

Sept-Dec - Sat-Sun: 11pm-4pm - Details in description

It will take only one visit to be completely charmed by our alpacas and by the wonderful site where we raise them! Discover this fascinating animal as well as the undeniable softness and comfort of their extraordinary fiber thanks to the wide selection of alpaca products available in our on-site boutique.

450 538-3881

64 Principale South, Sutton, QC

450 538-0728

3 Principale Nord, Sutton, QC

Atelier Bouffe

(450) 538-2766

14 Principale Sud, Sutton, QC

Mon to Sat: 10am-6pm | Sun: 10am-5pm

A boutique full of lovely things for kitchen and home coupled with a high class grocery store: selected oils, quality vinegars, unusual salts, peppers, teas and other fine items.

450 538-0800

548 Perkins, Sutton, QC

450 538-0388

4 Maple, Sutton, QC


(450) 538-5639

169 Ch. Staines, Glen Sutton, QC J0E 2K0

7 days a week - Open Year Round

We offer a full nature experience, including different type of accommodations as well as outdoor activities. Your choice of activities varies by season and always includes the unbelievable views, varied network of trails over our 320 acres and challenging ascents of local summits. Our new river access for kayaking, tubing, swimming and fishing adds a new dimension to Au Diable Vert.